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Your Aesthetic Clinic and Professional Skin Spa
 in the Fylde

And Now A REVIV Express Cinic

 Facial Aesthetic treatments and Advanced Skin Care
 for the discerning client
 Gill Naylor 
Your Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner
BSc Nurse Practitioner
MSc module in Dermatology in Clinical Practice,
Independant Nurse Prescriber

                                           Reviv Wellness
Wellness and recovery
energy boosting
I.V. infusions and I.M. shots
Free Consultations 
now available.
Recovery Infusions
for hectic lifestyle, stress, allergies or jet lag
promote natural weightloss
Contact for more information

                                      Choose from 5 infusions

                              Hydromax  Ultraviv Vitaglow Megaboost
                                        Summer Offer £149

                                  Royal Flush  I.V. 2l N Saline infusion
                                    Includes free facial with Dermalux

                                               3 I.M. Shots

                               Slimboost, B12, all B vitamins, Vitamin C and 
                                             amino acids £35
                                 Vitaboost - Glutathione a master Antioxidant £35 
                                              or a  B12  £25
PDO Beauty Thread Lift
Subtle face lift for jaw, face, neck and décolletage
Brow lift, crows feet and under eye area, tear trough
effects last for 2-3 years
Ring or email for
Free Consultation

Prices Start at £240

Dermalux LED phototherapy
Advanced anti-ageing treatment 
for skin tightening, rejuvenation and inflammatory
skin disorders. Eczema Psoriasis, Folliculitis
wound healing
£40 ea enquire about courses
   Injectable facial treatments for the upper face 
    Stop wrinkling
Prices from £135
Also treatment to reduce excessive sweating
   For - underarms, hands, feet and brow
     Dermal Fillers

8 Point volumising face lift

5 point face lift

3 Point Mid face Volumising lift

  Loss of projection from shrinking fat pads and muscles makes the face drop. Strategic points are volumised to replace this loss and replace the Projection that subtly lifts the face, from the cheek bone/under eye area.
Additional points aid lift of the jaw line and improve drooping mouth

                             Plump and soften lines and wrinkles

     Skin boosting injectable treatments

Nanopeptide Biomimetic
Skin rejuvenation 
For face neck, décolletage, backs of hands
6 week course
£80 per treatment
Derma Roller skin microneedling
used with skin enhancing serums
            Advanced Skin Care Regimes
       and product ranges
       Let your skin care act as a treatment, every day
strengthen, firm, regenerate your skin with advanced products and treatments
Skin Assessment for individual prescribed skin care

Appointments available evenings on request
 Wednesday 15:00 - 18:00
and Thursday and Friday from 09:00 - 17:30
Saturdays on request


            At: Welivere Aesthetics Clinic, 142 West Drive Cleveleys
                                  FY5 2EG
            And now at Centre For Dentistry Sainsbury's Blackpool

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